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The only way to truly appreciate the skin-revitalizing power of DermaWand is to see its effects for yourself. With just two 3-minute sessions a day, you’ll quickly notice an all-around tightening effect on the appearance of your skin that can take years off your face—just like the women below!

Eyebrows appear lifted, creating a more feminine arch and making the eyes look bigger and brighter
Increased volume around the cheekbone
Jaw-to-cheek lines look plumped and smoothed
Wrinkles in the neck appear visibly firmed and lifted
Forehead appears visibly lifted and smoothed
Crow’s feet appear softened and less noticeable
Undereye area looks brighter and less puffy
Wrinkles around the mouth appear diminished
“Laugh Lines” appear toned and tightened
Before & After Pictures

See the Magic of DermaWand in Action

before before
after after
  • Eyebrows feature a more attractive feminine arch
  • Eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more beautiful
  • Cheek puffiness appears dramatically softened
  • Undereye area looks softer and brighter
  • Laugh lines appear to have been pulled upward
before before
after after
  • Eyebrows appear visibly lifted
  • Eyes look more open and awake
  • Wrinkles around the mouth appear diminished
  • Chin-to-mouth lines have almost disappeared
  • Overall appearance of lines around the mouth diminished.
before before
after after
  • Eyes appear more wide-open and attractive
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles on the cheek
  • Dramatic tightening in the appearance of saggy neck skin

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